How to Speed Read A Novel

People often ask me about how to use speed reading while reading a novel. They know how reading faster they can be handy for studying important materials for work or for school, but can not comprehend how you could rapidly read a novel and still enjoy it. In this article, I will reveal how to use a powerful strategy for reading quickly that you can use while reading novels. It is a strategy that you are going to really like.

How many times has this happened to you? You are reading a novel, and then it gets incredibly boring. So boring that you decide not to finish the book. I have a terrific story about an experience I had. I was reading, “The Mists Of Avalon. inch This is a really good book about the Knights in combat of the Round Table. However, the writer wrote an incredibly detailed description of the furniture in King Arthur’s throne room. For all the 12 knights in combat she described the motifs on each derive, table spoon, chef’s knife, plates, and much, much more. It was incredibly boring to me. So i used the strategy I am about to educate you on to get around this section of the written text while still exploiting my enjoyment of the book. heaven official’s blessing

When you are using a speed reading strategy to read in a novel, simply speed up the boring parts. Go three or even four times faster than you would normally read. Basically, you are skimming through the section that would put you to sleep. As of this speed, you can still see what is taking place, but you won’t feel anything. Which is a lot better than getting so bored you would not finish the book. Once the material again appears interesting, slow down you reading speed to a pace that optimizes your enjoyment. Since you will be flying through a lot of boring material in most novels, you will finish it faster. However, because you slow down in the interesting sections to a speed that maximizes your pleasure, you will still get more enjoyment from the text as well. It is the perfect compromise between speed and pleasure.

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